When to Use Shared Services:
Shared services are best used when they can create a cost savings in terms of purchasing power, the ability to afford otherwise unaffordable equipment, or in terms of being able to provide a service that otherwise could not be provided in a cost effective manner. While shared services are generally thought of in terms of similar units of government, there is no reason why a township and a county cannot share a piece of equipment or an arrangement cannot be made between a school district and a local unit of government for snow removal or equipment maintenance.

Occasionally the shared service is small, such as a border street between two communities in which an agreement is reached to have one of the communities do the plowing while the other does the maintenance. In other cases the service is large but occasional, such as an agreement for a smaller community to lease time and a pilot for an aircraft owned by a neighboring community. Classic to this is the intergovernmental emergency service in which an agreement is reached to be able to use a piece of protective equipment such as a ladder truck or a hovercraft when needed.

Other examples of shared services include areas such as: accounting services, snow plowing, purchasing, library services, specialized teachers or programs, and administration services. While not every situation will be practical for two or more parties to share services, there are numerous opportunities to reduce costs by sharing services.

Click here for a survey form which lists various service areas where sharing services is typically a possibility. Select one or more areas in which you have a service to share or that you are in need of that could be shared, and provide as much information as possible regarding that service. Mail the information to CUPPAD, who will then cross reference the requests, and provide you contact information regarding the services identified which corresponds to your information. You may then contact the other unit(s) of government, school, business, or other entity to discuss a shared services agreement as you see fit.

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