What is zoning?
In Michigan, land development regulation is a local responsibility. Individuals can have a great influence on the policies and regulations that affect their area.

Zoning is an important tool to bring about the orderly development of local community. Zoning is a public regulation of the use of land adopted to protect public health, safety, and welfare. A zoning ordinance will divide the community into differing districts (or zones), each of which permits certain uses of land according to specific standards.

Of the 93 units of general purpose government in the six-county area, 10 townships and 3 villages do not have any zoning regulations. A township, village, city or county is authorized to adopt a zoning ordinance by state statute. The local zoning administration is depicted on the map of the region:

Why Should Your Community Have a Zoning Ordinance?

Does your community's Zoning Ordinance Need To Be Updated?

The Michigan Legislature adopted P.A. 110 of 2006, Michigan Zoning Enabling Act. The statute is effective as of July 1, 2006. This bill codifies the zoning enabling acts for cities, villages, townships, and counties. This is a major change for zoning in Michigan. The codification of the three acts into one act resulted process and procedure changes that every member of a zoning board, planning commission, zoning commission, zoning board of appeals and zoning administrator will need to know.

Michigan Zoning Enabling Act

Some of the major changes include:

What is the Typical Structure of a Zoning Ordinance?

A number of communities desire fewer regulations and certain communities require more regulations than listed above. A CUPPAD staff member will work on a draft of each Article with your community's Planning Commission. The entire process takes about 12 to 18 months. CUPPAD can also assist your community with the Zoning Ordinance adoption process and can also help with any future amendments.

CUPPAD staff can assist your community with the development of a Planning Commission Ordinance, Bylaws and updates to your existing Zoning Ordinance to ensure compliance with the MZEA. For more information, please contact Richard Smith.

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