Road Management

Asset Management is a systematic process of maintaining, upgrading, and operating physical assets of a community in the most cost-effective way possible. Asset management is a strategic approach to linking data, goals, investment strategies, programs, and projects into a systemic process to ensure achievement of a desired outcome. Asset management requires a solid foundation of data to allow transportation professionals the ability to monitor the transportation system and plan for the preservation, improvement and timely replacement of assets.


Federal Aid Road Condition Survey


Each year between the months of May and September, a rating team drives the federal-aid eligible roads in each county in the central Upper Peninsula.  This team is comprised of an MDOT representative, a representative from the local road agency, and a representative from CUPPAD. This survey creates a database of pavement condition ratings for use by MDOT. Three data items are collected: surface type, number of lanes, and the PASER surface rating (described below) to be used in the State’s assessment of federal-aid paved roads throughout Michigan.  A yearly report is prepared, which summarizes the Asset Management Program and the road ratings.

PASER (PAvement Surface Evaluation and Rating) is a 1-10 rating system based three categories:

      • Road Conditions are “Good” (ratings of 8-10) needing only routine maintenance
      • Road Conditions are “Fair” (ratings of 5-7) needing capital preventive maintenance
      • Road Conditions are “Poor” (ratings of 1-4) needing structural improvements

PASER rating maps for the central U.P. can be viewed online in two locations:

CUPPAD AGO Map Application

State of MI PASER Dashboard

Central Upper Peninsula Planning and Development Regional Commission