Mapping & GIS

Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS), virtually any kind of data can be placed on a digital map, then visualized, compared, measured, and analyzed. Many governments and large organizations use GIS because of the astonishing diversity of information types that can be mapped and analyzed-these range from population demographics, to health statistics and epidemiology, utility and transportation networks, flood protection zones, animal migration routes, crime patterns, historical battlefields, sales and marketing trends, disaster destruction areas, and much more.

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Delta County GIS

CUPPAD has an established MOA with Delta County to assist in the coordination and development of County-level GIS. This effort will ensure Delta County has a successful GIS program in the future, will help streamline County and Township operations, and provide valuable information to the public.

Delta County's parcel layer is currently available on CUPPAD's Regional FetchGIS Web Map.

Delta County also has GIS parcel data available for purchase. To view the fee schedule, data user agreement, and data request forms, please visit the Delta County Equalization Department.

Web mapping

Web maps are online maps that provide specific sets of data overlaid on a base map. Theses maps can be shared and used on the web, able to be viewed on smartphones and tablets. We use web mapping to see and analyze data trends in our region, to produce story maps, and to map our organization's progress on projects.

Central Upper Peninsula Planning and Development Regional Commission