Memberships with CUPPAD are always available! Cities, counties, villages, townships, and the Hannahville Community are eligible to apply. Your membership is beneficial and is a direct investment in our central region by helping our organization continue to be effective in regional collaboration. Sharing resources and knowledge with our partners in the region makes us all stronger together. We strive to represent entities lacking capacity, to lift up and support communities in reaching their goals, and to assist local economic development organizations build a more robust and diverse economic ecosystem.


As a CUPPAD member, you are entitled to a discounted rate for services, plus ten free hours of technical assistance! The services we offer continue to grow as our talented staff expands and is encouraged to be creative and innovative to solve today’s planning challenges.


As your advocate, CUPPAD will serve you by:

      • Assisting with grant writing and reporting
      • Developing and maintaining a Geographic Information System (GIS) database including customized mapping services
      • Assisting local units of government plan and prepare for the future
      • Forging partnerships with local economic developers, educational institutions, arts and culture entities, workforce developers, and more
      • Providing technical assistance and consulting on issues related to recreational development, walkability, trail development, community development, economic development projects, and more


Central Upper Peninsula Planning and Development Regional Commission