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Mod Program

The MSHDA Mod 2022 Program is accepting funding submissions from eligible communities to utilize modular products in critical need areas where workforce housing is not currently available. This opportunity is to promote construction of modular or modified construction technology housing in areas that are primarily residential. In the 2022 competitive funding round, MSHDA will provide up to $2,000,000 to fund ten communities at $200,000.

Letters of interest in participation are due on November 19th.


Neighborhood Enhancement Program

The Neighborhood Enhancement Program's (NEP) primary goals are to identify and fund innovative activities to address a neighborhood's specific needs; assist and then showcase Michigan neighborhood(s) where people are engaged and facilitating change; and to provide funding to facilitate and implement activities.   

The NEP program can financially assist high-impact, innovative, neighborhood housing-oriented activities that benefit low and moderate income areas and residents. All components are designed to fund tangible housing-oriented activities that are:  implementation ready; highly visible; impactful to the neighborhood and resident's qualify of life; holistically/community focused; and where there is buy-in and demonstrated support within the neighborhood and community.

The submission request deadline is December 8th.


If your community would like assistance in preparing an application for either of these grants, please contact us today!

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