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Reliable transportation is critical to our society and economy. CUPPAD helps to further transportation availability in the Upper Peninsula, whether it be non-emergency medical transportation or the office car pool, we want you to get where you need to be.

Non Emergency Medical Transportation

For many years transportation needs and issues pertaining to healthcare have been a topic of discussion in the Upper Peninsula as it has been ranked a high unmet need. “Non-emergency medical transportation,” by definition are rides for eligible individuals to and from the doctor’s office, the hospital, or another destination that does not involve a medical emergency. This survey is to gather input on your communities needs in regards to NEMT. The document produced by this study will help future funders, providers, and organizations better target and direct their limited resources toward areas of that would have the greatest impact. Thank you for taking the time to respond!

General Public Survey

Local Units of Government Survey

Enterprise RideShare and Michivan

Providing reliable and clean transportation to get employees to and from work with a variety of options. Michivan ride shares can save you time and money. Learn more today.

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